Problems W/ Photos In Media Pane of Idvd5


I have an iMacG5 which came with iLife '04 apps. We upgraded to Tiger several months ago, then we bought the iLife 05 suite and installed everything ok. A few weeks ago I made my first iMovie and first iDVD and everything was dandy. I did drag some photos into the dropzones of the DVD menu and that worked ok.

THEN, I wanted to learn about slideshows in iDVD. But photos were no longer appearing in the Media pane under Photos. I called Apple support and since I wouldn't pay the $49 for a service agreement, they sent me an article by email suggesting dragging photo folders into the media pane. I dragged my iPhoto library folder onto the Photos media pane. Unfortunately, 2 things are wrong with this. One, I can't see all my albums I've created in iPhoto, just the individual 5000 photos. So if I create an album in iPhoto that I want to make a slideshow of in iDVD I can't do that. Second, iDVD has suddenly started hanging up (not responding) which it never did before.

I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be an automatic connection between my iPhoto albums and the Media pane in iDVD just like there is for iTunes (audio) and Movies (except I've noticed several of my iMovies in my movies folder aren't showing up).

To summarize, I have 2 problems. No link to my iPhoto albums in iDVD5.0.1 and constant "not responding" issues. Can you help?

Kim Maguire