Problems with 10.0.4


I had to go back to 10.0.4 and I can't really remember how to use it
Anything I DL and try to launch - the Disk copy say - "unable to verify..."
maybe I'm DL something that cant work on 10.0?
-what browser can I use ? (I cant work with this explorer + need to use hebrew)
-is there MSN for 10.0? ICQ?

any help would be thanked
Nowadays, it's very hard to find any apps for anything under 10.1. Even 10.1 itself can be an issue with supported apps. What model Macintosh are you using with X? It might be possible (depending on the Mac model) that you can at least install 10.2 on it.
MacOS X 10.0.4 is incredibly old. Why were you forced to go back to it? As for your other questions, most software on the 'net today requires at least MacOS X 10.1. However, your question is best answered by searching
Even given the fact that most people don't seem to like 10.0/10.1, you can find software for those versions... though I would highly recommend upgrading from 10.0.4 to 10.1.5. I know that I provide this service for my clients even if they do not have 10.1 media as long as they have 10.0 media.

Some browsers that could help...
OmniWeb 4.1.1 should run in 10.0.4 as I recall (otherwise, there is OmniWeb 4.0.5).
Netscape 7.02 or Netscape 7.1, both of which should run in 10.0.x.
And you could update to Internet Explorer 5.2.3 but it seems to require 10.1.5 (though I'm not sure just how restricted that is).​
As for language issues, OmniWeb is Cocoa and uses Mac OS X's language support. I don't have any information on either Netscape or IE in that area.

I don't know much about chat software (I don't use it) but there is a version of MSN Messenger for older systems... but it requires 10.1.3.

As any version of 10.0.x/10.1.x was able to be upgraded/updated to 10.1.5 for free, most software uses 10.1.5 as a minimum requirement. Again, I highly suggest finding a way to get to 10.1.5.

Hope that helps a little.
its a long story why but .. I was upgrading to 10.4 and one of the CDr didnt work - so till I'll get the new cd all I could find was 10.0 (it was full of dust :)).
I guess there's no other way but to wait for the cd to arrive.
I will try Omniweb...and the rest

thank you again

ok, omniweb is working nice but cant see hebrew and dont
know how but its o.k :)

is there a way to upgrade to 10.1 on line?