Problems With Airport


I have recently purchased BT ASDL broadband which comes with a 'BT Voyager 205 ASDL Router'. The router functions as normal when plugged directly into the Mac as I am demonstrating just now but when it is plugged into the Airport it is a different story.

The Airport gives its normal steady green light when plugged in indicating all as well and strangely, when it was first all set up Mac Mail managed to download several pieces of mail and download some attachments which does not function any more.

While the Airport indicates its all good my Mac gets a signal, is able to play over my speakers via itunes but simply refuses to go online. Give the evidence I would say it is perhaps a compatibility issue between the two devices but was not aware that this could be the case.

I am running a reasonably new Power Book purchased in January of this year and am running the latest pre tiger OS (10.3.9) with all (I think) appropriate updates.

The set up I am currently using worked previously the only difference being the router was a different model.

I appreciate any assistance that can be given. Please note that a Windows laptop was also able to access Wifi net access before the router was changed. If this problem cannot be resolved without too much fuss I would appreciate some pointers on what router to purchase which has a proven track record with Airport....
It might just be that the router presents itself on a different IP address on the internal network. Check it out in the specs, and if they are different from your old routers settings, change the settings in Airport Administrator accordingly.