Problems with Classic


I have a problem that I find really annoying. When I download a sit file stuffit expander opens in classic.
When I read documents tey tend to open in classic and not in the native TextEdit. I don´t want to use classic, I would like the option to prevent OSX from loading Classic.

I completely agree. I hope that Apple will tweak things so that when you click on a document that can be handled by a Carbonized app, it will be. For now, I've added an alias of Expander to my dock. I'm considering doing the same for TextEdit. Not an elegant solution, but it does work.
Is it possible to completly disable classic. If an app is«nt native I don«t want to use it. I don«t use Classic anyway.

This is a great idea. If someone (maybe eve *gasp* Apple?) would create a System Pref allowing you to do two things:

1) Completely disable Classic Mode

2) Require user confirmation to launch Classic mode

I would be very happy.