Problems With Dual 1.8 Powermac


I'm new to Apple and have had my Dual 1.8 G5 for about 4 months. Not sure if there's a relation, but after installing Tiger, my Mac began to freeze, the fans would rev to full speed, and sometimes I received a message telling me " I need to restart my Mac."

I've read that people had problem with an upgrade from Panther, so I decided to perform a clean install (after backing up my important stuff). Before doing the install, I reset the PRAM (same as NVRAM?), the PMU, reseated the RAM (stock RAM from Apple), and reseated the video card. None of that helped, so I moved on to the install.

My Mac would not boot from my Tiger disk--no matter what I tried. It always locked up at the gray Apple Screen (with the spinning wheel), and shortly after, the fans would kick it in to high. I figured the problem was Tiger--because that's when my problem started--so I decided to put Panther back.

I experienced the same problem with the Panther Disk the first few times I tried, but I was finally able to get about 10 minutes into the install--past the point where it began wiping the drive when it locked and asked me to restart.

This is pretty much where I am at the moment--can't get an OS onto the machine because it continuously locks at the "Preparing to Install" screen--if it makes it that far! I've ran the extended hardware test numerous times with clean results, and I've attempted to run the Disk Utility from the install disk--I made it that far once, but it locked up and asked for a restart.

I am currently living in Germany, and I purchased my Mac directly from Apple in the States. It is under warranty, but they're telling me I have to send it back to the States to have it looked at and repaired. I've spoke with them numerous times trying to convince them to let me take it to a local Apple store for repair, but the refuse. This has really soured my taste of Apple. Unless I can resolve this myself, I guess I'll be sending it back. That's just sorry customer service.

If any of you have any ideas, please pass them my way.