Problems with finding USB devices


I have 3 Epson StylusColor 740i and a Epson 1270 with USB devices. So, I can't found them in the Mac OS X Public Beta. In the "Chooser" located at "Classic, Apple Menu Items", when I select it, don't open... When I can open it, my selection for Epson is "modem port"or "printer port", but it's USB's!!!

Can I use the Mac OS X with my printers? Or I've to install Mc OS 9 and burn the Mac OS X????

Please.... Thanks guys!!!
Third-party printers (such as Epson) will not be supported under OS X until the third parties write printer drivers for it. The only reason why it shows up in your OS 9 chooser is because you installed the software for it, and there is no such software out for X yet. unfortunately, most of the companies show no sign of releasing the drivers until about the same time that OS X final is released.