Problems with G4 powermac MDD and Tiger



I had a beautifully running system:

Dual 867 Mhz PowerMac G4 MDD
60 GB Seagate Barracuda
768 MG ram

It original came with Jaguar and I upgraded to Panther. Everything went smoothly with no problems. Panther was much faster and cleaner, overall a great experiance.

About 4 months ago I decide that I needed some major upgrades. So I bought the following:

250 GB Seagate Barracuda
512 MG of ram
Mac OS Tiger

I left the old hard drive with Panther, installed the ram and new hard drive, and then installed Tiger on the new hard drive. Now when it works, the combination of more ram, the new hard drive, and Tiger make my computer very snappy.

But since I've upgraded I've been having some very annoying problems, the worst of which is when I leave my computer for 5-10 minutes it will freeze and won't respond to mouse or keyboard for about 30 seconds. I will also get the spinning lolypop of death (TSLOD) in weird situation, like just doing regular stuff with Mail and iTunes, things that were always instant in Panther now get TSLOD in Tiger. I will also get total system freezes occasionaly. I will probable run the computer an average of 5 days without restarting, where I would run Panther for over a month.

I've booted from the old drive and run disk repair (in disk utility) on the new drive. I have repaired permisions. I ran the apple hardware test, and everything checked out. I've taken out the new ram and the problem is the same.

I've about gotten to the point where I'm going to try reinstalling Tiger. If anybody has an answer to this problem please let me know!