Problems With Internet / Proxy Server Connections



I recently upgraded my G3 ibook to OS 10.4. In generally this has been great, but it's given me big problems in using my machine on my university's wireless network. First of all, it turned out the Cisco VPN client that my university uses to secure their network no longer ran properly on 10.4. Eventually, I got an upgrade, which now at least connects - an any web page I want to view within the university's web site now loads just fine. Any external page, however, just comes up with an error message saying that Safari (or explorer if I use that instead) could not load the page, because it could not find the server (ie the remote server -,, whatever it is I try to go to).

I assume this is likely to be a proxy problem, except I am almost positive that the proxy settings are set correctly. Whether I set them manually myself, or configure them using a .pac file, my computer still can't seem to find any web pages (or anything else on the internet, outside the local area connection).

I have also addressed this question to the tech support people at the university I study at, but since they aren't that crash hot with Macs, I thought I would ask the question here too...

Does anyone have any idea what could be going on?