Problems with iTunes 11


OK, maybe I'm an idiot...but I cant seem to figure out how to import media into the new iTunes 11.

I've imported audio and video from CD, DVD and also from files already on my hard drive and for some reason they will not show up in the library. Some of them showed up later, mysteriously.

Another, an import directly from CD, shows up in the list when I search for it but not in the library...and when I click on this same item in the search list, nothing happens. I did a manual search for the actual files from this import via the Finder and found the folder within the iTunes folder and the files play normally when you click on them but yet they are still not visible in the iTunes library.

Yet another, an import from DVD, also does not show up in the library nor in a search. However, this same file seems to have been imported onto my AppleTV (1st gen). I've not yet played this file from the AppleTV.

So, what gives? Anybody else experiencing similar problems with iTunes 11? If so, have you discovered a fix for this problem?


The new interface to iTunes 11 is awful. I can't help you much only except to say that it takes me FOREVER to figure out even the simplest of things.

They may be competing with Lotus Notes for the most difficult to user interface in the history of computing.