problems with OS 9 after OS X install


Hi all,

I had a problem when switching back to OS 9 after the installation of OS X beta. My internal HD on the iMac is partitioned as follows:

- HD 1, which is the OS 9 startup partition, in HFS+ format,

- HD 2, which is now the OS X partition, in HFS+ format,

- HD 3, which is in HFS format and does not contain any operating system folder.

- other disk partitions which are for linux ppc, and thus are not visible by both OS 9 and OS X (the purpose of HD 3 is to exchange data between linux and mac os).

After installation of OS X on HD 2, everything was fine, except classic, which always crashes with my 64 Mbyte RAM (yes, I know, it's below the requirements, but I couldn't resist ....).

When switching back to OS 9, I couldn't find anymore HD 3 on the desktop, and there was no way to open files on it from any application.

The funny thing is that not only OS X keeps on seeing HD3, but also
that both disc first aid and drive setup (on the mac OS 9 side) are able
to see HD 3 and even verifying its correctness.

I rebuilt the desktop, but no way. Moreover, I found that OS X installation
added some files to OS 9 startup folder and substituted (without keeping the originals) some system extensions (e.g. open transport) with beta versions. I thought OS 9 would have been left unchanged, but it seems not the case.

Any idea?

thanks very much for attention.