Problems With Replace With Symbol Font


Using OS 10.3.9 and word 2004 version 11.0

Recently loaded word 2004 and having problems with find and replace, to replace "beta" with "b" in symbol font. rest of document is ariel 11 font
Tried find and replace specifying format, font symbol. And program finds all "betas" and replaces them all with times new roman, despite not having specified this.
Then tried describing new style as "greeK' with font as symbol in this new font. Program automatically adds Times new roman to the style, so is called greek+ times new roman... so same result happens.
When try to modify this style to eliminate the times new roman from the style menu.. the font shows up only as symbol, but somehow the style is listed still as greek + times new roman.
Very frustrating.
Tried creating new style completely. Called it beta
style type : character
style based on: underlying properties
font: symbol 11

yet when highlight text and click on "beta" in style menu.. it goes to beta+ times new roman, and do not get my greek.

find and replace and style worked fine in my old version of word
for OSX
and need to be able to have greek symbols as have about 20 / page, for my work. What am I doing wrong???