Problems With Safari - Not Related to 10.3.9 Update Problem


My Safari is not loading some pages at all, the connection always times out. This has been happening even before I got the 10.3.9 update. I have an ibook G4. Currently I have problems accessing:

1. Yahoo Mail
I need to sign in several times, my password and username is always incorrect for some reason. And even then I can't get it when it actually accept them. So I am forced to sign in via and not But still I am required to sign in several times

2. Gmail
I can't load gmail from my mac at all. Not with Safari, not with Firefox, not even with IE or netscape

3. Net banking
I can't do e-banking with my mac either. Not with any of the browser, not with any bank. And all of them do support the OS X platform.

My sister has no problem gaining access into any of the above, and she uses Safari exclusively so the problem ought to be a local one. I have consistently updated my mac so I am not sure what's wrong.

Please help me out. It has become really irritating that I can't do anything with my Mac.