Problems with sims 2!!!\


I just bought the Sims 2 yesterday. Was all excited when I came home. Installed the game from the dvd, opened the game and all was fine and dandy. Went to the tutorial. It's kinda weird, the characters and objects seem to run smoothly (although in lowest possible graphics), but the bar on the bottom showing the sim's status and wants and needs dont appear unless i start to scroll. Once the cursor stops moving the menu/toolbar is gone. My Mac isn't really up to par... although it does run smoothly. Is it the graphics card or the speed or the ram?
I got a Dual 867 mhz G4, 768mb memory, GeForce 4 mx.


Both your CPU and video card are below minimum system requirements. The missing graphics are due to the video card. I can't remember if it's due to a bug in the drivers, due to the card lacking certain necessary functionality, or both. It might be both.