Problems with users


If I try to log in as a normal user through telnet everything works as it should, but if i try to use "top" I just get "Bus error" and then I'm logged out. This is the same even if log in local from another tty.

Top as su or as my normal administrator account work perfectly. Strange...

When I've poked around with different terminals and users I've also tried "write" to use another users std-out. This works great if I, as an administrator, tries to write to a normal user but not the other way around. "mkirsten has messages disabled" it says, even though "mesg" returns "is y". I've also checked the priviligies with in /dev/ttyp* (and /dev/console) and everythins seems to be ok. root as owner and wheel as group and mkirsten:staff in console.

My very last problem with MacOS X is also related to users connected through a terminal. One user, i my system named "richard", is logged in according to the system, but not on any terminal. It doesn't matter if I log in as ">console", root or my normal administrator account. He's still there!

mkirsten co - 10:35PM 1:12 -
mkirsten p1 - 10:37PM 0 -
richard p2 - 10:08PM 1:03 -

Have anyone the same problem or ANY idea how to get things to work properly. The "bus error" thing is the same on one other machine. Can't get i to work. :-(