problems wuth ICQ For osx


Hi I have a osx system and up untill last night my ICQ ran well this morning when I went to click on it it said it ws closeing unexpecticaly I thought maybe it's prefenes file had been dannage so I took the file off he syem and downloaded it again It did the same thing the only thing i did diffrent today was I active OSX mail could that be casrubg problems thanks for the help Pat
You might want to try installing and running it from another user area. If it works fine, then it indicates some sort of problem with the preferences, or perhaps some file conflict specific to your user area.

If it crashes the same in all user area's, then its probably a more serious problem. Let me know what happens. I'm assigned to this problem now. We'll see if we can eliminate the problem stage at a time
Hi thanks for aswering my e-mail . I have friends whoes ICQ is working n thr osX version I have a feeling I have messed things up with osX and may have to reinstall, But before I do any thing i will wait and see what you think I should do Pat
Well, like I said before, OS X is a "multi-user" system. Now I don't know your system set up, but to try and test to see where the problem lies, create another user account on your machine. In the System Preferences panel go to Users. Switch on User Login if it asks you. The create a new user, following the instructions it gives you. Log in as this new user, and run ICQ. If it works, then it suggests a problem with the preferences in your user area, and not a problem with OS X.

If ICQ doesn't run in this new User Area you created, then it suggests a problem with OS X, and a re-install may be necessary. But re-installing OS X can be a very very troublesome proceedure, so only do it as a last resort.

Follow these instructions, and let me know what happens. If you need any help, let me know, or consult the OS X help manual for info on setting up multiple users
Hi again i did as you sugusted and I made me a new user. ICQ works now so I must have messed some up in the old account bui I found in the new account I am more or less starting all over. Is there any way I can transfer things form the old to the new account . thanks so much for all your help :) thanks again
Well, you could transfer over stuff, but it takes time and effort, and in my opinion, may not be necessary. You could still use the old account, and fix the problem another way. Because it seems to be specific to the User, its probably just one or two files that are causing the problem.

My first suggestion would be, in the old User Account, to delete all the ICQ preferences. They'll be kept in your user area's Library/Preferences. Then delete all the files and folders related to ICQ. There should be one folder and 2 files. Bin em all. Then see if ICQ works. Hopefully it will.

Let me know !
LOl I did the other day even the 9.2 side i strip everything and then download ICQ on 9.2 and had to re do my whole list so I guess it looks like transfering
Hmmm......bummer. Well that'll certainly make things more complicated. Well, it would be better to do this in OS 9.....just saves time. Move across all your old folders except the Library folder.

Out of that, grab everything you want. Move across any preferences that you want to keep, none of the Apple one's, or ICQ one's either though !! Try not to move what isn't needed. It'll help to avoid another problem. That should basically be it. Basically, when it comes to the Library folder, move across as little as possible. Moving stuff like the Mail folder and preferences should be OK, but go through and check all the preferences are all alright, sometimes it doesn't quite get it all right !

Hopefully it should be pretty easy, and ICQ will be working again. Good luck. If there are any further problems, don't hesitate to ask.
ok thanks now so I understand this I am to go to the os 9 file and put what i want in there right??? not sure how one tests preferences files and my ICQ OsX is wroking after i created a new users account and donload it
No, don't go to the OS 9 file and put em in there, simple use OS 9 to move the files from one user area to the other. The areas will be kept in Macintosh HD/ Users. Just move the files from one to the other. And it should be fine.

I only suggested using OS 9 cos it makes the job easier
Ummm, well. As far as I know, they should be in the Preferences or Library folder too. If you're talking about the OS 9 apps, then it doesn't matter, not if you've been running em in OS X. They won't be effected
ok I will go looking and thanks for your help and I may be back on yor door tomorrw with more questions