probs with webalizer


hi dear admin,

iam not comletely new to unix (freebsd or linux), but macos x is not supported like linux and this is my prob:

i have the well known problem that webalizer 1.30-4 stops generating reports. i've been trying to recompile webalizer 1.30-4 as patched version but while running the configure script it spited out a lot of libs reqired.

so i've downloaded al this libs like: jpeglib, gdlib, zlib, libpng, compiled it but gdlib.

in the makefile stod that you have to change some things to get it compiled and i did it so far i know how to do that but it did not compile...

this are my probs and if you experienced something like that youre maybe feeling with me :)

if you have some easy solution for me ill pray you as THE MASTER for all the time