programmer wanted!! (sort of)


If there is no windowshade in X, is it possible to achieve this
through a 'plugin' there anybody out there who can make one?
You? Your mum? Anyone?

we can still ask for it at the feedback...
"can we please have windowshade, Mr 'God'?)

I removed the beta from my system by the way... after what i saw
it is too much like childsplay for me , i am sick of those 5 buttons and
the dock wich doesnt do a whole lot.
I CAN NOT wait for 23 march though!
Anyone still enjoying it after what we know now?

Apple rules! iTunes rocks!
(You can get it from your iDisk,shame they didnt put the updater
to 9.1 in there)

iRene (Only for iToday)


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As of OS X PB1 each window title bar is drawn by the Application, and the library used to do so differs what kind of app it is. This means a patch would have to patch Carbon and Cocoa libs.

I would love to have Window Shade provided I could make the title bars as small as the title (otherwise I don't find it useful). As of OS X PB1 Cocoa apps don't use the layo resource thus I can't change the title bar layout.

Perhaps thing will improve with the final release. IMO the title and menu bars ought to be managed by the window server, not each application.