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Will you Mac developers/programmers who are also *NIX gurus see if you can't adapt a Linux program called SETUP to MacOSX? I THINK it would be a useful program for pd file authors.

While browsing 2 days ago, I discovered a program called SETUP. The website has the following information about it.

setup Graphical installer for Unix applications based on GTK and XML
» latest release: 1.4.0 on Sep 24th 2000
» date added: Oct 11th 1999
» category: X11/Packaging
» license: LGPL

setup is a graphical installer for Unix applications. It features
descriptions of the package to install in XML, a GTK interface that
can be dynamically redefined by the user with Glade, a raw console
interface, and the automatic generation of uninstall scripts. It has
been successfully used on the Intel, PPC, Alpha, and Sparc platforms.

Alternate Download:


Stable Version: 1.4.0
Author: Sam Lantinga <hercules at>
Co-Author: Stéphane Peter <megastep at>
License: LGPL
Category: X11/Packaging
Depends on: GTK, libxml, libglade
Project ID: 5385