Project Builder Help!!!...


Hey guys...

Im feeling really stupid right now to ask this question, but as I am at my wits end - I really dont know where else to ask this.... so bear with me here...

I am learning Cocoa via the "Cocoa Prog for OS X" book and am working on my first challenge.... I believe I have everything right, but PB keeps giving me compile errors with IBOutlets and IBActions.... Here's my code:

"#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>

@interface Controller : NSObject {
IBOutlet NSTextfield *userText;
IBOutlet NSTextfield *programText;
- (IBAction)setOutputString:(id)sender;

whereby I get the error:
Controller.h:13: undefined type, found `IBOutlet'

doesnt seem right to me as this is verbatim syntax of some of the other examples in the book....which worked flawlessly....

Am I creating the wrong type of project here???... or is it that I'm syntastically incorrect???...

Thanks if you can help...

postscript: hmm... vBcode seems to be messing up my quote...

import is set to Foundation/Foundation.h
and here are no smilie's in my code :confused:
I'm trying to get started with Cocoa, and am playing with the Screen Saver tutorial at Short story long, that and another small project refuse to compile because the header/framework files don't get included. I've moved my ~ directory to a different partition from the one that the System and DevTools are on. Could that be the cause, and if so, suggestions?

Any other pointers for an aspiring Cocoa coder are much appreciamated as well.
I ran into the same problem. Doing an import of Cocoa/Cocoa.h fixes it up. I don't know if that's the most correct header to import, but it gets the job done.