Project Builder vs Codewarrior


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I've been using Metrowerks Codewarrior in Os 9 for some time now. I'm getting my copy of 10.1 this week and I will hopefully never have to boot into Os 9 again.

Is project builder any good? Does it have a good compiler and debugger? Is it a good replacement to Codewarrior or should I just buy Codewarrior for X?

Thanks for the help.
Project Builder is not as sophisticated as CodeWarrior, however it is still quite powerful in its own right. I've been using CodeWarrior since CodeWarrior Gold 10 (it was then renamed CodeWarrior Professional after Gold 12)... although I decided not to bother with CodeWarrior since I got MacOS X, and use Project Builder instead... I've got absolutely no complaints. Project Builder is very easy to use, especially if you've used CodeWarrior before, and has just as sophisticated compiler and debugger. In fact I've noticed Project Builder tends to be truer to the languages standards than CodeWarrior.

My advice is to try out Project Builder... it has *some* linking errors because of a bug right now... although I've only noticed them when compiling C++ programs... Java programs compile flawlessly. If it works for you, you can thank Apple for saving you $100+.

You might also want to read an article on on how to setup a CVS directory on OS X... I've had one setup for a while now and it's been a lifesaver.

I still think CodeWarrior has a way better debugging and compiling setup. And the errors actually mean something on CodeWarrior. But, I haven't used it since ... early 2000? Only on 9, I haven't even seen what they do for X. I used it on Solaris as soon as it came out. The most important thing is that I don't have to write a friggin' makefile.

I REEEEEAAAAALLY like CodeWarrior's java development GUI and stuff, it made me happy. Java made me happy, except for all the damn typecasting. ... and then I got Project Builder...

PB has a sweet window layout and stubbing setup which is great, and has same power that codewarrior didn't have... but I still hate gcc, and I think that the errors and debugging under PB are crappy due to GCC. Others I know feel the same about GCC. I'm glad I learned to code with CodeWarrior, it taught me things that GCC kept beating over my head without explaining to me.

But the cost difference is just crazy! I wish MetroWerks well, but unless I start getting a lot more cash, I can't even play with their toys to see if I like them any more. :-(
if you work for the big machine you have to have this...

I have done two major mac to windows ports. without leaving my mac.(very much)

the remote debugging is fantastic and the code generation is superior to that other Windows dependent environment.

anyway, can't have enough compilers....