Promoted up the Geek food chain



Like most of us on this forum I installed X retail on the 24th. Like most of us I am impressed but disapointed in the speed.

I work in a Unix Server, Wintel client environment. A day doesn't go by where my coworkers do not rightfully complain about the suite of M$ products we use. I use my personal iBook. My excuse is that I can easily do work at home and just continue the next day at the cube. The real reason is simply I hate the Wintel desktop sitting below my desktop. My coworkers have respected but shook their heads when I started using the *Mac* at work.

The Helpdesk simply says "We don't know Macs" Even when the question applies to all network clients :-(

I walked into work with MacOSX with full intentions of showing off. Most of my coworkers were interested but not too terribly excited. They laughed at me when my face started to glow while describing the dynamic networking. I was satisfied I was able to at least once show off my new toy.

Enter Unixheads. We have a large department of UNIX administrators. If you have seen the Dilbert cartoon where the geeks social ladder is determined by how many techno gadgets one has clipped to oneself, then you'll understand the following scene.

One Unixhead walks by "Is that X?". I reply yes. The Unixhead multiplies. I have an audience spouting Unix jargon I do not understand. But some of the other quotes, "Awesome", "Like Linux but better", "BSD is the best", "Awesome", "That is soooo cool", "Wow", "I have been reading about it for months", Awesome", and my favorate "I'll have to buy a Mac".

At that point I felt like the geek with the most! My wife walked by (she works there too) and had to laugh at me.

I climbed the geek social latter for better and for worst.

I am on that ladder. I am unsure as to where I reside on this hierarchy, but I do know that it is well above approximately 6.58392% of the geek population in my designated sustainment area.
Hallelujah, my brother!

Spreading the gospel of Mac! Nothin' more satisfying than seeing a brother that's been lost in the darkness of wintel, finally seein' the light! praise be!
My old boss, a Wintel head, bought an older G3 long before OS X was released, in anticipation of installing it. :)
yeah - I'm one of very few Mac users in my company, and one of only 2 in the pc group. Our company only has a few Macs in the graphics department, but through the two of us just *using* them, a few dogmas seem to have been erased, and when I put X on my powerbook running Apache (for the sheer hell of it really), and all that beautiful interface...well, it's getting to the top dogs who are running out of patience with M$. Bring on XP and try not to smirk too hard...
Well, it has only been in the past few days that I have started using X full time. I needed to be able to FTP and once I found what to uncheck it works.

As many my printer is not supported yet, but I can print from all my apps in Classic. I have not found any of my apps that preform anyway but as expected.

Yes, I would like to recognize my external Hard Drives and be able to import contacts into 'Mail'. It would also be nice to have some wipes to get rid of the lingering puffs from dragging something out of the 'Dock'.

All in all very solid performance.
You can import your contacts into mail. Mail uses the separate app Address Book for it's contacts, and there is an import function there in the file menu. It imported mine form outlook express perfectly.

Hope this helps
Well I have done the 'Import' thing and nothing happens.
I did export a text file and only got a few of the names.

So how did you do it?

import/locate/the app or the database?

Funny! I'm actually one of the LAST Mac people in my group at work.

We're a Web development team and the HTML and Graphics people were all Mac users when I started there 5 1/2 years ago.

Unfortunately most of the Mac people have moved on only to be replaced by Windows folks. Yes our design team still is a little island of Mac's, but I'm the only coder left.

I have an open challenge with our biggest Linux guy. Since neither of us are hard core Unix admins, we both are starting out with the same basic skills. We are trying to see who will be able to produce more amazing stuff on their new OS by the end of 2001. (Since Java looks like it will play a big part in our upcoming projects, I have no doubt that I'll be the winner of this little challenge. :) )