Proofing Tools For Word


The auto-correct function is enabled on my Powerbook G4, but when I misspell a word in Word, it realizes that there is no dictionary loaded, even though it's set for English (US).

I have the Microsoft Office mac 2004 Student and Teacher edition.

So far I've reloaded the folder entitled "proofing tools" which was said to contain the English dictionary (among others).

I restarted the computer and it still doesn't recognize a dictionary and the "fix" option is greyed out when I click Help.

When I search the contents of the Office CD, the dictionaries are greyed out in Finder.

How do I load up the dictionary so I can spell check my documents? Where is the dictionary? How can I make Word recognize it once it's loaded?
It sounds like you installed Microsoft Office 2004 improperly. It is the easiest thing in the world to do correctly. Just drag the whole folder off your CD into your Applications folder. I would recommend that you do this, make sure that everything works, and then trash your original installation.