proper format for mount_smbfs?


In debt medical student
I'm trying to get the mount_smbfs command to function. It would seem possible that I could utilize this to mount smb shares at login, right? Heck, even if I can't it's become a personal struggle now, and I must overcome it.

I have a share named E (not very descriptive, but it works) on a computer named ElCrapo (it's my Windows machine). All my comps are on a router. I have tried
mount_smbfs -I //rsilge@elcrapo/e and other variations (that is the correct IP addy for the machine) but I always get this error:
mount_smbfs: could not find mount point //rsilge@elcrapo: No such file or directory

What am I doing wrong? And is there a way to include a password in that command so that nothing more has to be typed in?

Thanks guys.
I believe you missed where to mount it; the following works for me:

sudo mount_smbfs -I -W WORKGROUP //user@host/share /private/mnt

As for not prompting for a password, the manpage states:

-N Do not ask for a password. At run time, mount_smbfs reads the
~/.nsmbrc file for additional configuration parameters and a
password. If no password is found the mount_smbfs prompts for

but I don't know how to format the .nsmbrc file...