proplems installing devtools



when I have untared the Developers Tools (as downloaded from ADC) and double-clicked the .pkg document sending be to "installer" and clicked install it tells me that

"There were errors installing the software, couldn't write bom to path. Please try installing again"

And I try installing again, and nothing happens, no error message but no progress either.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
expand with OpenUp not Stuffit - Stuffit Expander has a bug that corrupts the package file. You may have better luck downloading with OmniWeb, since it'll use OpenUp by default, while Explorer insists on using Expander.
you can uncompress it from the command line. in the terminal go to the directory you downloaded the PublicBeta_Developer.tgz file into. type the following with out the quotes-

"tar -xzvf PublicBeta_Developer.tgz"


"gunzip PublicBeta_Developer.tgz | gnutar -xvf -"

ah, a bug in stuffit? I should have guessed... that's why none of the other apps I downloaded works... thanks a lot for that information.

about "tar -xzvf", it doesn't work either, exits with some error message stating that a file or the like doesn't exist. will try gunzip.

where do I find OpenUp (it's not in the apps folder), is it a terminal program? (can't try now since I not near my X-machine).