Props to Apple...


Help Guide Coordinator
I know most people are pretty sore at Apple right now for charging them for OSX 10.1 but i think they have done an amazing job with keeping the wraps on everthing until today. They acted like they didn't know poo about 10.1 and it's status and then oila! Today I goto and the homepage is advertisiing 10.1, then i goto the OSX page and it is all updated too. If you spend time at the website you'll see they really did a great job of getting much more in-depth descriptions of what Mac OSX's great features are and how to take advantage of them. They never did this before to the extent they are now. There is really useable information regarding the OS now.
I just hope this isn't a fleeting thing and that it does continue. For an example follow this link for a page of downloadable Applescirpts specifically for 10.1 which makes finder processes streamlined even further.

There new graphics look much nicer also as does the overall page layout on their site.