Props to Eric Peyton and Fire


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I know that it's hardly a secret, but I wanted to get my oar in first into the software review section and give respect where it's due to Eric Peyton at Epicware for FIRE.

I was a little dubious about this multi-platform (AIM, ICQ, IRC, Jabber, MSN, Yahho) IM client at first, because the main service I use is MSN, and it seemed particularly unstable - often booting me out or 'unexpectedly quitting'. However, two revisions down the road (Now on 0.27a) and it's probably the best looking, most stable app i run. It's certainly more stable than the 'proper' Mac version of MSN, which crashes/falls off the network every 2 minutes, and it's MUCH nicer looking than even the OSX native version of ICQ. I would recommend it to anyone who regularly uses IM, especially if you use more than one service a lot of the time (although I can't speak for AIM or IRC services, as I rarely use them)

Fire is freeware, and can be downloaded at
Fire is the bomb i use it more than any other App in OS X. OS X is the bomb by the way. Also I love the interface its stability and it hardly ever crashes. I was thinking about downloading the open source and seeing if i could add voice ability to it, but then i found out that its already in it, except it doesnt work.