ProTools for OS X

I was wondering the same. Digidesign says nothing. I tried to ask them at NAMM and they gave me some crap answer. We'll see... was basically the response. TDM systems won't really benefit much from OS X and I'm convinced they're trying to keep the performance of LE in check. If LE ran native on a dual processor G4 it would be just as powerful as a $9000 Mix Plus Sytem.

I don't have OS X yet but I'd like to get it. Can you install ProTools LE on OS X? I wasn't exactly clear on whether you have to boot seperately into "Classic Mode" or if you can just install OS 9.0 apps right into OS X. I assume they won't run native but can you do it (Specifically with ProTools LE) and get decent performance while running OS X?
Well, LE wouldn't quite be up to a mix plus system, cause regardless of processing power, LE is limited to 24 tracks, but it would give a great boost as far as plugins are concerned.

How OS X works is when you launch a 9.x app, a version of 9.1 boots up inside OS X. When you run the 9.x programs they have the old menu bar and everything. That is what is called classic mode.

You can also boot entirely into 9.1, not involving OS X at all.

Unfortunately in OS X, the system can't find the hardware for ProTools. I have an digi001 at home, and if i want to use it, i need to reboot in 9.1

I haven't tried it with any of the TDM system, my boss won't let me bring my copy of OS X within 10 feet of any of the computers at work (he has a fear of change :) ), but I'm assuming it's probably the same situation.

Hopefully Digi will jump on the bandwagon soon.