Proxy Settings in Safari


Hello all, I've been searching all over for an answer for this and I can't seem to find anything.

First, I just wanted to say this board is a great resource! I've found a ton of answers here in the past, thank you all!!

My problem is this: I setup my home computer to work as a proxy in order to provide myself with a more secure connection while traveling and using the net at my office. I'm having no problems browsing the internet using my proxy, but Mail can't send/receive mail to my company's exchange server while I have my SOCKS proxy enabled in system settings -> networking.

Is there any way to set up proxy settings just for Safari, similar to the way Firefox (and almost every other application in this world) handles proxy servers?

If not, is there a way to tell mail to bypass the system-wide proxy that's being used to forward my web traffic? I really hate how OS X does this, there should be the ability to route certain applications through a proxy and others not.

If there isn't a solution there, is there any way to use my second NIC for Mail and anything that related to my company's network, and use the other NIC for web browsing over my proxy?

One last question, I think Safari does remote DNS lookups by default when surfing through a proxy, can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance!