If this actually goes anywhere. Very cool idea.

But the only downside of this whole thing?

<i>there still aren't any games for the ps2!!</i>

Now before you all flame me, YES I own a PS2. I have 7 titles for it, and of those, the only games that <b>I</B> deem worth playing are FIFA2001 and GTIII. If you ask me, all of the quality games ended up on the Dreamcast, which had enough time out in the open to gather developer support. The PS2 doesn't seem to have the dev. support, since the majority of developers are busy coding games for the Xbox or GameCube.

Ya I know most of the PS2 games suck I like my Dreamcast but that still is pretty cool and if it isn't that expensive I will get it.
SSX is the BEST snowboarding game I've played on any game platform.. and I didn't think anything could top 1080 on n64. It's only on ps2. I also love LOVE Dark Cloud. My boyfriend also digs dark cloud and midnight club. Another friend here casts his vote for midnight run. We also also highly recommend NBA street. All good playstation 2 games.
I think the GameCube and the xbox both look awesome. I want them both, but I doubt I'll buy either since I already have a PS2 and can play the latest fancy games on it. Wow.. this will be my first nintendo console I'll probably not own. Who knows though.. maybe someday.