PTHVolume with wClock


I've happily been using wClock from Wolf Software as a replacement for the Menu Clock.

I then found PTHVolume, a menubar volume control. It's very well designed and blends nicely into the Aqua interface. Even uses a Genie effect to disappear.


By default it sits right where wClock appears in the menubar. Not nice.

But not being afraid to hack around, I viewed the package contents and in /Resources/English.lproj/ found Defaults.xml. In there is VolumeWindow.offsetOrigin = 80,22.

I simply changed it to 150,22 and voila! It now sits just before the wClock with a nice small margin.

I can merrily change the volume on the fly and easily glance at the time.

Hope someone else can enjoy this like I do.
I have the same setup. I was using openstrip but this is better (people with new keyboards, of course, don't need this add-on, which I'm sure Apple was thinking of when they killed the control strip).

Easier solution:
You can move PTHvolume by shift-drag and wclock by option-drag.

If they haven't done so already, Apple should specify a standard key for this kind of operation...
That's a LOT easier than modifying the Defaults.xml file.

You are right. There should be a standard.