Public Beta Classic Supports Appearance Themes!


Don't you hate how the Classic Platinum appearance and the shiny new Aqua GUI clash? If you can scour the net and find the excellent Appearance theme "Liquid Icons" (no I won't send it to you), you can change the appearance of Classic apps to be more Aqua-like. As an example, here's a TIFF of the venerable MacDraw from 1988 sporting an Aqua-fied interface. Lest you think this is a hoax, check out the rest of the interface.. it's all MacOS X, baby. (~275 kB, save as file, open in Preview)

1) Find Liquid or Liquid Icons
2) Drop in the Appearance:Themes folder of your Classic startup volume
3) Boot Classic and open the Appearance control panel. Under the Appearance field of the Appearance tab, select your new theme. Close the control panel.
4) Enjoy.
Where can I find the "Liquid" appearance theme? I've looked all over the Web and can't find it anywhere.
I notice that the contents page says it's the "Liquid" theme, but when you click the link, it actually downloads the "Aqua" theme.

Both are based on OS X Aqua, but there are differences between the two; the most obvious one is that Liquid has no background pattern for Finder windows in List view, and doesn't change the Apple Menu icon to blue. Liquid also has a few more icons, including the Applications folder. I think Liquid is overall a bit more polished, and matches the real Aqua better. However, I don't know where to find it, as the author pulled it from his site after being hassled by Apple's legal dept.

Forget rebooting into OS9 to change appearance: simply use your OS X finder to go to the Control Panels in the System Folder in the MacOS 9 folder... and open the Appearance control panel. It'll open in Classic and you can make changes there. Same goes with extensions manager, date & time, and all other OS 9 control panels.