Pulling apart OS X!


With the older OS's 9.1,8.5 etc...You could use the famous ResEdit to explore some of the inner features of the OS.

The good old days were when you could edit anything in the system you wanted. You could get rid of pref files, extensions, control panels, printer drivers, system sounds etc (the list is endless). My point being is that anything with the system you could get rid of or change [menus for example, adding commands for trash etc]

Now that i have Mac OS X it's a different story...

The system is so locked down, you can do none of the above that I have mentioned.

I'm not completely sure, but i think that in order to do any of that I'd have to be logged in as "root". Everyone with half a brain would know that the "root" is not recommended to be logged into and messed around with. However I wish to experiment and see what I can do.

I would be grateful if anyone could get back to me and tell me how to log in as root so that i could play around with some things. (I format all the time so I don't care if I screw up)

My address: J_Duke_99@hotmail.com