Pulling wrong DHCP/Router Info


I am having a problem where my 2 macs, one connecting via airport and the second wired, will pull IP's higher than my router should distribute. For example it would pull 192.x.x.147 whereas I only have 6 machines on my network, each normally pulling 192.x.x.100 - 104. My 2 macs also pull an incorrect gateway/router, typically 192.168.x.2 or 3 instead of the needed .1.

This started happening a couple of weeks after I upgraded to 10.4 and coincidently around the same time I started making a lot of changes to my network, adding vonage, setting up WDS, changing the IP's distributed from to

I've tried clicking Renew DHCP Lease and even setting up new locations in the network control panel. Sometimes setting up a new location will work, or switching locations.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This problem is quite annoying.