Puma 10.1 G40


Apple seeder
Hi everybody

just installed G40 and thought you might be interested to know how things goes.
there is just one word i can say .....WOW .... the system is fast as G27, but the finder does not hang at all.
The DVD worrkd very well.. i watched 2 movie with abslutely mo problem.
IE is fast really fast.
The only problem (if we can call it so) is that the DVD require the date to be set before september 2001(that s cause it is a beta)
I tune visualization got till 13 fps...not bad considering that in G27 i uused to get 6 fps and itunes lunch in one bounce.
IE 3 bounces Microsoft word for X (the one thaat takes more bounces.......probably because it is microsoft????) well it is a beta..lets give them credit :) takes 6 bounces, but once it is running it is really fast.
If you guys have any question let me know...
The G40 was tested on a Ibook dual USB 500 with 384 MB ram.

Sounds promising!
Do you know anything about how this (or later) builds run on a 233 MHz Beige G3 or a 400 MHz B&W G3?
Someone said he/she had read that the 13th is THE day for 10.1 - any new info on that?
... otherwise what will Jobs demonstrate in public at Paris?

I think the European expo (September 26th) will be the date.

5g40 ROCKS!!! I have been using osX since the PB days, and the PB was fun but slow, 10.0 was painful compared to the PB, 10.0.4 was pretty slow too, but this release gets the macos back on the speed track.

I can't wait for the final now...