Put to Sleep And Can't Wake Up


I have an eMac and recently upgraded to Tiger.I used the same disk to upgrade my Powerbook G4 - no problem there. In the last two weeks I noticed that when I put my eMac to sleep it doesn't wake-up, the fan starts but I have to reboot. I have not been experiencing any other problem.

I have been on the phone with Mac tech folks 4 times in the last two weeks. We have done every kind of trouble shooting one can think of including reinstalling the system. You name it is has been done. So after my second call today I was told to use the Apple Hardware Test disk and put the computer in a "controlled loop" to test for 8 hours and if nothing showed up would have to wipe the drive and basically reinstall everything.

I really don't want to have to back up my whole drive. Anyone experience a problem like this? If so what was done to solve it?

Or any other suggestions greatly appreciated.



The All-Powerful Pie Nazi
i have expereced the same problem at church with an eMac, we never did fix it. eMacs are kinda buggy.

anyway, i would not recommend putting Tiger on an eMac, Tiger slows everything down a bit, and eMacs are not state-of-the-art(depends how old). i would love to help you but i cant.

best of luck ;)


HoZ - Thank-you for reply. After several more hours with MAC support and "product specialists" it was decided it was a hardware problem, so I'm taking to authorized repair, which is 75 miles away, this coming week. Another problem that developed after this is with my keychains, won't take a password.

I will have had this eMac for 3 years in December. Actually Tiger seemed to speed up things, I will report back results when I get the eMac back.

Paying for extended support has been well worth the money. This is the first major problem I have had, but Mac have previously replaced 2 mice and a keyboard, which my cat spilled water on, and other then now a lot of good tech support with minimum waiting time.

Karen in southern New Mexico