Put Trashcan Back on the Desktop


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Hey there, here is a little trick to put the trashcan back on the desktop.

Since I'm terminal/Unix deficiant...this way is done thru using the Property List Editor. Very easy...

1. goto Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/com.apple.finder.plist

2. Here just switch the setting Finder.HasTrash from NO to YES.

That's it. Enjoy!

Forgot to add....the finder needs to be restarted after the changes have been made
Where do you find this program, "The Property List Editor." I would like to give the finder trash a new home.


the trash doesn't seem to be fully functional in the dock either :) the empty vs. full trash icon seems to just come and go as it pleases, looks empty when it's got stuff in it, looks full when it's empty, (at least on my system).
If you want there is also a program that let you change a lot of your dock / finder settings. Trash on desktop, Dock effects, terminal transparency and also let you change the system font into application etc....

you can find it at this address http://www.bresink.de/osx/
The file is named TinkerTool.

you'll find also a program that let you modify preferences.

It is better to leave Trash in Dock because when you want to eject CD, the Trash will change to Eject icon so you can drag to that.. I rather keep disk and trash off the desktop and use the finder in the dock to open "Computer" to navigate... USE the DOCK or GO Menu!! :)
I'd rather just hit the CD eject button on my keyboard. :)

Apple had a really neat idea with that, so I copied it, and made a short (but sweet) script for linux. Press the worthless "widows" key, and pow! the cd un-mounts and ejects. Hit the scroll key, and the cd tray opens (waits 5 seconds) and then mounts the cd. (Don't even have to push in the cd tray in).

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The traah in The Dock is avalible from anywhere. On the Desktop it gets covered by app win's.

More and more apps are using the Trash in a "drag-to-Trash-to-throw-this-item" behavior. Putting it on the Desktop will make it less usefull, so why bother...
Sorry to bring up ancient history, but I was wondering if anybody has gotten Finder.HasTrash to work in 10.1.3? It doesn't seem to work. I've never tried it in any other OS X versions.
In 10.1, Apple removed this hidden feature. That's why TinkerTool doesn't have a setting for putting the Trash on the desktop anymore.

If you want a trash can on the Desktop, I suggest you go with something like a utility called "Trash X", which you can find on VersionTracker