putting a system on my ipod?


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whew, System 9 is a piece of cake... a drag & drop affair... but there are many invisible files associated with OSX, and more complicated matters of hardware-specific integration...

That being said, I would guess that whatever method you could use to burn a system to a CD, would be the same for "burning" to an iPod. Start there.

When you figure it out, let us know!


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odd, the first time i tryed to install onto the ipod, it didnt show up, i went to put a clean install on another partition to carbon copy over, and the ipod showed up for an installation disk :)

installing now, w00t


Yes, 9 is simple.
X is compilcated.
Don't bother with Linux (uses a different file system)

let us know how it turns out.


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arden did you not read my post? :p thats what i did

but i could have sworn apple disable that feature...

i installed it, rebooted, put 10.2.6 on it, turned the machine off and rebooted because i thought it would go to my main system, it did, but had to look for a long time, and the ipod messed itself up

so moral of the story, reboot all the way to your other system, wait, then eject ipod, do not take it out unless you eject it from the system, even if the computer is off :confused: