PVR on an iBook


Hi there,

I´m interested in recording some TV programs using my iBook. My current setup is this:

- My TV set (and antenna) are in the Living Room.
- I have an external Firewire Hard Disk (200 Gb) hooked on my iBook G4 (1 Ghz, 1,2 Gb RAM, 32 Mb Display Memory, 40 Gb Hard Disk, Airport Extreme)
- Wireless Router (802.11g)

My idea is to have some sort of device that can transmit via WiFi the TV signal to my iBook and record it onto the external hard disk. I don´t want to deal with cables and / or moving my iBook and the external hard disk (too much trouble). If this device is capable of "waking up" the iBook to record and go back to sleep when finished.

I´ve been exploring options like EyeTV or EvolutionTV, but I have been unable to find an appropriate solution (lack of information on their web pages?). Any ideas of specific models of these devices?

My other question is referring to the necessary hardware to record TV shows. The suppliers offer analog TV or Digital Terrestrial TV recording, but not both. In my country, we have some channels already broadcasting using TDT.

I understand that it´s important to have a recording device with dedicated chips / hardware that compresses the video stream to avoid "overloading" the CPU of the iBook.

Is this a good idea? or should I get a Mac mini???

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot.