Q3 is slooow (wtf...)


Hey. I'm on a dual g4 800 1.1gb ram geforce 3 running 10.1 (of course). When I play UT (the Urban Terror mod not that *bletch* OTHER fps game) I have my rez set to 800x600 with maxed out everything except for lightmap and stuff like wall marks and brass falling. My com_maxfps is set to 85 because that seems to be as high as q3 can tell my monitor to go (85 hz) at 800x600. Oh well. my s_mixahead is .1 and chunksize is 2048. Obviously I have a powerful setup so WHY THE HELL am I sometimes dipping down to as low as 30 fps?????? why would I EVER dip below 130 fps on 1024x 768!!?? something is still funky mb with the gf3 drivers. If you have any tips for speeding this up... i'd appreciate them.
have you set
r_smp "1" ?
if not, you are only using 1 processor

and Urban Terror is very tough on the hardware, but 30 fps on that setup without lightmap is weird!

check if you can use something in this config
this is maybe the fastest config possible for an OSX-dualprocessor-mac!
Yes I could be wrong but there is something people should know about the GeForce3. Now it is great but..........there is a catch. The GeForce3 is new and great but maybe...........a little too new. It really only supports highly a very new graphics technology that only like 3 programs currently use. And it doesn't exactly do much for OS X. Because OS X and many games use OpenGL and that is why I prefer ATi's RADEON over nVidia's GeForce3 or even GeForce2. So that doesn't seem too off to me. go to nVidia's web site for more details. ATi including the RADEON highly support and hardware accelerate RAVe, OpenGL and 2D quite well.
Yes, I have r_smp set to 1. I suspect it's the gf3 drivers. I have a PCI radeon. It's a nice card... but it has nowhere NEAR the power of a geforce3. Once the drivers come into their own (like they have on teh PC side) then my fps will be higher... but for now, bleh! they suck. On a PC w/ equivalent proc power (let's say a 1.2 - 1.4 ghz amd) i'd be getting something like 200 fps. I have boli's config, i'll see whether it has any tips I could use.
Sounds like more going on there than just the GeForece 3 issues. I have a Radeon on a dual 500 and I get 119FPS average. You should be getting much higher rates with your setup. Not sure what is can be though. According to the tests on barefeats.com they are getting about 180FPS w/ the same setup you get, on a default config setup. Seems you have some issues that might need a reinstall there. Hmmm


Yeah. Here's what I'm gonna do (and it's going to hurt!). I'm gonna transfer 38 gigs of data over a 10baseT (not fun...) and then reformat my disk (its an 80 gigger on this mac) and reinstall 10.1 straight from the full install disk. (m4d propz to jackshedd!) Lets hope that improves things. I think maybe since I installed so much BSD shtuff on .0.4 before I had 10.1 it is messing things up somehow... I experimented an awful lot. Let's hope that fixes it!