Q3A 1.29f ... I would say it was me but...


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I would say it was me but, after first thinking to myself the other day while playing Quake 3... It seems to be getting worse with each update ... I tried a few things for the fun of it... and on four different computers...

Q3A 1.17 ( OS 9 ) is by far the best performing and less buggy on my four systems... what about yall ?

I have been reading everywhere, people saying Q3A 1.29f for OS X is faster and such, but I compared, and compared some more between various updates and between classic and X, and on all four of my systems, it's not the case ??? so what gives?

The things that have been getting me mad while playing as late, is with the OS X 1.29f version, I have weird things happen such as, player models do not appear on my screen... it's like I'm playing against 5 or 8 people with invisibility for the entire map... I have also had my off-hand hook shooting everywhere but where I was facing.... I have had smooth framerates and then out of the blue while still having an owesome ping time and no lag on the server frame drops and even pauses (Which denied me my straight run of map wins last night... I couldn't turn in time to get the guy next to me...)... And yet another annoying thig is the bloody CD KEY screen ... arggg I'm so sick and tired of that bloody screen poping up... And yes folks ;) I do have a valid key and have entered it the first 4 or 5 times it poped up when connecting to a server.... And yet again, another thing that happens for me is connecting to a server then droping back to the main menu... this event has increased by 23% since using OS 9 Q3A ver 1.17 ...


Well anyway.... I just wanted to rant, because I was winning for the first time online last night and the streak was broken when the never ending "Known Issues" hit me last night ;)

Any other folks out there experience some of those thing with the X version "1.29f" ?
Greame Divine posted a .plan update some time ago which makes the OS X version MUCH faster (9 frames on my Radeon)=
. Set the s_chunksize to 2048 and restart the Q3 server.

The only problem I have with the latest update (which gives me the best FPS btw) is that I can't drop the console anymore! (I have to do all that stuff via .cfg files). How do you drop the console in the Mac OS X Q3 port???