Qmail problem (I think)


I really don't know where to post my problem :( I know there must be better forums re: my question out there, but I trust you guys more :)

I have moved my Server location to a faster place. And my friend did some basic maintenance.

Now I have problem with my email accounts (qmail/Mail.app) and others, that It looks like the communication with qmail is not good any more.

If I am lucky the mail will be check 3-5 times before the problem comes:

The POP server “www.ayianapa.nu” rejected the password for user “webmaster@ayianapa.nu”

How can that be? As I know neither qmail or i.e. Mail.app have some "time out" function or what it now can be causing this rejection of the password.

Please guys :(
qmail doesn't do POP, just SMTP. So, the POP problem isn't a qmail problem. May be a server problem of another sort...

Can you get access to the server at all? SSH, anything? Is there any way you can look at system logs or similar?
Hmm! qmail do SMTP and POP3,, forgot to say that we use Vpopmail also.

Yes as I said, I can check the mail 1 time out of 5 maybe, but the other 4 times I get the error message in Mail.app

The POP server “www.ayianapa.nu” rejected the password for user “webmaster@ayianapa.nu”

The error log on the server don't say any thing.