Quadra 700 + HP Laserjet 4


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I have a friend who is in a quandary.

Quadra 700 running System 7.x
HP LaserJet 4 with a Jetdirect J2552B card

He has two ways of connecting the two.
setting up with an 8 pin M serial printer cable using the LocalTalk port of the Jetdirect card. I have searched far and wide for how to use this port on the Jetdirect card without a manual for the card have had no success with finding suggestions on how to set it up this way.

using the Nubus (I think it's a Reudo NIC card) part no. 110-00015-100 which in order to be able to I need to set up the ethertalk card.

Can any one help in setting up either one or both?

Because the specific JetDirect card has been discontinued, the manual is not available on HP's site. I have been searching at HP for a solution and I will continue to.

If anyone has some insight, I'd be so happy :)
Which model jetdirect card is it, that way I can help? I have a LaserJet 6P at home, although I think that one has Mac serial ports, but it would be good to know since I wanted to use a JD card with it.
Jetdirect J2552B card

I have a suspicion that this is a windows only thing. I am not sure where or how the printer was acquired.

I found the postscript driver, but nothing else.