Quake 3 Arena and AIM


uhh, i just intalled OS X and i'm freaked. ID just released 1.29f for OS X and AIM's OS X version is out as well. #1 q3 doesn't work...#2 no more buddy icons or emoticons OR an image connection button. i'm REALLY pissed that quake won't run. the aim thing i can take...but man, i installed OS X to get better frames with q3. also, when i try to throw some of my old stuff out, it says "i don't have those privaledges". what the hell???

What errors are you getting when you start Quake3? DId you coky over tha pak0 file? Do you really need emoticons?

first of all: quake3!
i have it. i had it running under OS 9, it sucked so badly under X's Classic that i deleted it. And now after formatting my HD a couple times and reinstalling X i found the Q3 update!
i guess one of the main errors many of you guys are making is that you are putting the UPDATE into the existing QUAKE directory. it works exactly the other way around. you unzip the UPDATE into a directory *call if...for example....QUAKE 3?! lol* and THEN COPY!!!! *NOT install* one file from the CD into the NEWLY CREATED QUAKE FOLDER! *read the readme.doc for the name of the file. comes along in the update download!*. then it will run, but you might be as disappointed as i am. it's slow and chunky and not at all smooth and swell.
then, when you said that you dont have enough privileges when you were trying to move "stuff around" on your HD im assuming you were most likely trying to move "old Mac OS 9" files around under Mac OS X? hu? like the Mac OS 9 Desktop Alias and all the cluttered files in the HD that are sitting there as sad and lonely remainers AND reminders of the old old days where we ran Mac OS 9!
here's the deal to sum it up.
there is a "sticky bit" that doesnt allow you to move things around that are still there from OS 9.
to remove it you will have to do this:
start up the Unix terminal and type this line after the prompt:
sudo chmod 775 /

then ENTER
then enter your PASSWORD *the administrator psswd* and go!!! :)

what does that do?
here goes:

sudo stands for SUper user DO
which means that whatever follows after that command is "done" as the superuser/root. so you can do it all!
chmod stands for: CHange MOde
cuz what you're doing is you're changing the mode of access for? here goes:
which is the root-directory.
the numbers stand for user/group/everybody else...and 0-7 stands for:
0 none
1 execute only
2 write only
3 write and execute
4 read only
5 read and execute
6 read and write
7 read, write and execute
the mode is by default set to:
and the ONE is that "sticky bit" which prohibits you to move your files around like you very much so should be able to!
so...punch in what i typed up there and you should be all set to go! :)
good luck

The Sticky King Of Irons,
Wouldn't SUDO == SuperUser DO? Instead of SUper user DO?

and CHMOD would be CHange MODe and not CHange MOde?

what, you're giving me shit over a couple capitalization mistakes?
ay ay ay...i was just trying to help the man out, dude!
but thanks for correcting the typos...

The unnerved King Of Irons,