Quake 3 Arena on OS X. hmmmm..... a few hitches.


I'm 1/4 Basque you know?...
I've just downloaded the latest version of Q3A for OSX (comes with OS9 app too) and it runs faster than the OS 9 version!!! Fabulous! And I downloaded Wolfenstein, which for some reason is

on Apple.com/UK/osx/downloads/

Which is really wierd as it;s not available on the standard site only UK? N E Way. Q3A and Wolf would only intall onto my OS9 Partition as:

"Selected Drive is a Network Drive. Choose another destination"... blah blah

wierd huh? Anyway Quake runs great...
BUT!!!! The keypad Enter key doesn't work at all! And that's how I jump! Doesn't even bind!

And I only got fps at about 60?

Anyway, the new lighting effects for the Rail, Plasma, Lightning and Rocket are really cool.

So if anyone knows how to bind the kp_Enter key to >jump< i'd really appreciate it. (at the moment, the only reason i boot into OS9 is to play Quake!)

Happy fragging!