Quake 3 on Dual Monitors


I've had this problem since 4K78 (10.0 release)... All the way through 5G40 (haven't had a chance to try it on 5G64). Quake 3 REFUSES to run when I have both my monitors plugged in. I have a AGP ATI Rage 128 Pro hooked up to my 17" Studio Monitor and a PCI ATI Radeon 32MB hooked up to my old 1710AV. I have the Radeon set as the main monitor. Anyway, whenever I try and run Q3 it is "unable to initialize OpenGL because a suitable OpenGL device could not be found." Wolfenstein MPTest however works fine (Q3 engine too!). Anyone found any workarounds for using Q3 on a dual monitor setup? It's quite a bitch to boot up with only one monitor plugged in every time I want to play Q3. And if you don't know of any workarounds, when is the next Q3 build going to be released? Any ideas?

- Trey
Sorry, OpenGL games run on the graphics cards, not the processors, so you can only use one graphics card (I have the same problem with Cinema4D, the 3D displays can only be on one screen). To do twin monitors you'd need a dual display card.
You might get it working on both if you turn off OpenGL hardware rendering and use software, but that would lose the benefits of your graphics cards.
From everything that I've read, this is a bug on Apple's part. The person working on the Mac OS X version of Return to Castle Wolfenstein has put a work around in that version, and has said that he also did that for Quake III. This would seem to me to mean that you should be able to play with both monitors connected when the next Quake III update comes out. I just have no idea when that would be.

As for not being able to have dual support at all, I think treybomb's not trying to play Quake III on both monitors (just one). It's perfectly feasible to play a game on one display and not the other.
Guess I'll wait for the next Q3A update then. You're right though, Wolfenstein works fine with my setup; too bad it crashes every 2 minutes :(.

- T
What beta are you at? As of beta seven, it looks like most people were finding it to be pretty stable. If you've got the latest, you might want to report this.
I'm running beta7 indeed. I've tried both the solo app w/ a PC install and the b7 full installer posted yesterday; both with similar results. I don't know where I would report this, but seeing as how I've got a fairly typical setup (albeit with 2 video cards) I would think they are aware of the stability issues many of us are experiencing.
That is possible. I suppose that since it's being developed with OS X.I in mind, then (assuming you don't have it yet, either) there might be a few problems.