Quake 3 Team Arena on X?


Hey all..

So i am planning my move from a PC to a mac, and am just doing some research before I sell this box and buy one of the next gen Ti Books supposedly coming out next week...

It seems that I will be able to grab the mac 1.3 of Q3 and use it with my windows Q3 cd. This is a good thing. What I was wondering is if there is a way to use Q3Team Arena on OS X (or the mac in general) without repurchasing. Basically, i have the cd, and want to install it.

Is it just a mod for q3, which I can install by copying over the pak files? or is it a custom app? I never bothered to check in windows, and don't have it installed at the moment...

anyway, your help is appreciated. thanks. :)

Oh yeah.. these games.. when run on a Ti book, how do they deal with the wide screen? do any of them use it? or are there just black bars on the sides?
yep q3 for win will work just fine. All you actually need is hte pak0.pk3 file. Run the q3 1.30 for os x installer, it will make a Quake 3 folder. Put the pak0.pk3 file from the CD (open up the baseq3 folder inside your cd, it may be a few folders deep, it'll be in there though) in the baseq3 folder inside the Quake 3 folder that the installer created. To install team arena, just drag whatever is inside the missionpack folder on the team arena CD into the missionpack folder that the installer made. One note: the q3config.cfg files, etc are in your ~/Library/Application Support/Quake 3/baseq3/ folder. Mods will create their cfg folders there too. For instance, if you installed Urban Terror it would make a ~/<blah blah>/Quake 3/q3ut2/ folder and put its q3config.cfg file there. This is different (but more tidy) than the way it used to be done, which was to put the cfg files inside the baseq3 (or q3ut2 or whatever) folder that was in the same folder as your q3 executable.
The other advantage of the cfg files going in ~/Library is that each user gets their own settings, own customized controls, etc
very cool. How about Unreal and Unreal Tournament. Will the updaters make them run as well?

I just ordered my g4 TiBook, so expect a ton of these kinda crazy "what about..." questions from me until the thing arrives and i can actually play with it myself. :)

Also.. my question about the TiBook screen still stands. Do the games run in widescreen, or do they leave bars down the sides?
I don't know, bu I think they'll leave bars down the sides, though some very customizable engines (like q3) may allow you to mux0r with the settings to get it to work.