Quake? Anyone? Please?


So, I go online and I download Quake for OSX. Im thinking awesome, a really cool game to play while i wait to get 10.1 (which I am currenty downloading, you rock macavenger) and I open it up and it asks for some folder. I open up the readme and I need to get quake, either the full version or the shareware version...Now what exactly am I supposed to download from shareware? They have quake for system 7, but what about 8 and 9...can anyone help me out here?
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With Wolf and the rest of the id games its usualy been just that you download a new binary for OS X and then copy that into the folder with the rest of the original game. Therefore I would download the full shareware game (newest you can find) and then copy the binary you downloaded into that folder and try running it.

I would go get a copy of Quake from the bargin bin some place since the shareware version is only like one lvl i think.
The shareware version of Quake is retarded. It only includes one demo map which doesn't really show off the engine much.
I strongly suggest going out and buying the full version of Quake 3 Arena (for mac) and installing it on your computer. Then go to Apple's website and download the Quake 3 Update for OS X.

For the Quake updater to work you will need the latest version of Quake which you can download at one of the following sites:


That should do it for ya.
Yeah, they have one. The shareware version rocks. Its got everything i'll ever need in quake 3, so its not even worth it for me to buy the full version. But, I'm no hard-core FPS gamer anyway...
read the back of the book and you know the story...lol

go buy the full verson its not that expensive and you will be put in to many more worlds many more charaters to choose from and way many more servers on the net to play. The shareware..lol its a demo only... few maps, few characters. The full version is much better... plus theres Team Arena and lots of MODS that you can play. Support the best game out there and just buy it. :)
MooDog: Everybody knows that Unreal Tournament is by far better.

I mean think about it:

UT features over 100 maps (plus add-ons) while Q3 only features 13 (plus add-ons). UT features a better game engine which lets even 56k modems in on the action without getting too much lag, while Q3 causes a 56k modem users computer to crash sometimes!
Though Q3 does have some benifits (i.e. Rounded obejects) Unreal 2 will whoop every game out on the market!

Hehe... *cough* http://www.Unreal2.com *cough*
hopefully they will release a Unreal 2 Trounament game shortly after the UT2, cause i dont know about anyone else but the first Unreal was dull!!!! Granted it was pretty nice looking but still dull! UT was a nice improvement.

Still not better then Q3 though :p
I actually preferred the original Unreal.

I never liked Id's games. Possible exception being Quake, the original.
We all know that when Unreal 2 comes out we are all going to rush to our nearest store and buy it. Admit it.


Unreal sucked, UT was awsome, UTC was even better...what can we expect from U2 you ask? lol.
I preferred Unreal to UT2. The graphics don't dazzle me like they seem to do you. UT2 wasn't exactly original and seems to have fallen into the same rut Id has with it's boring Quake series.


However Red Faction actually looks interesting.

I guess to answer your question, no, I won't be rushing to buy UT2. It looks about as innovative as DOOM2 (damn was that a BORE!)
I remember when I was about 7, watching the progress bar move on the bottom of the screen as I tried to download DOOM. 3 hours later (on my AOL connection) DOOM was finally finished, I ran it and soonafter had it beat, it was novel, but it got boring.

What would be really great is if we could have some kind of online martial arts game. That would be cool. They could ply kung-fu fighting in the background!:D
martial arts game eh? Oni didnt do it for ya? (not a true martial arts game, i know, but a step in the right direction)