Quake III?

When I try opening Quake III in X with the ported version from OmniGroup it goes and everything then it says file unexpectedly quit and it did this with the basic install and the full install what do I do???

iMac DV SE/500MHz/128MB/30GB/DVD/CD-RW/4GB external/Zip
Me Too. I get as far as the yellow screen that shows up before you get the main menu. Sometimes it says that the path isn't correct for the game files when I know that it is.

Config Follows:

G4 450 DP/MP
448 MB RAM
30 GB HDD partitioned into:
5 GB OS X 10.0.1 + OS 9.1
5 GB OS 9.1
20 GB Documents and Files
OEM ATI Rage 128 Pro AGP
IX Micro Ultimate Rez PCI
OEM Adaptec 2930CU SCSI
Iomega Zip SCSI (External)
Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box Optical Pro Mouse
Palm USB to Serial Adapter
Apple Pro Keyboard

I don't know if you need all that but perhaps it will help. Thanks in advance.
The Quake 3 port only runs under the PB. It hasn't been updated to support the final yet.
oh that sucks well how hard would it be to port it to the final you'd think they would have done it by now.....
Keep in mind Omni is doing the game ports for free and they have to get all of their own software up to date as well. I think they are currently working on Heavy Metal Fakk 2. Send them an e-mail asking them to update Q3 and see what they say. They may not realize it doesn't work.
I had the same problem a while back, then a little while after Omni pulled it from their site.

iD is now developing the OS X point release, keep an eye out for Graeme Devine's .plan updates.