Quake3 / OpenGl performance?


How is the OpenGl implementation in OSX?
Has someone got a carbon build of q3 or something (if it exists), and if so, how does it perform? What about OpenGl performance in general?
(Heard some rumors of q3 running at twice the fps under 'x than under OS9)

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The word from ID is that the next point release of Q3 (1.25) will have a OS X release. keep your fingers crossed
If you want a cocoa version of Q3:Arena, go to Omni Group's Website at: http://www.omnigroup.com/community/freeware/quake3/ This is not an official Id Software release, but it's a free port from the folks who bring you OmniWeb. They have one, but it is v1.17 and you have to update quake3 to v1.17 using mac os 9 or the classic environment first. Good luck and have fun,