Quake3, Voodoo2, & Black Screen


My setup is: Beige G3 300 (rev a with rev c rom), built-in RageII+ (ugh), 2 Voodoo2s in SLI, 288mb ram.

I know that Omni has developed Voodoo2 drivers, an OpenGL component for these drivers, and Q3, all for OS X. On their website they imply that this combination would work for playing Q3.

However, when I launch Q3 I don't get any video besides a black screen, and no sound from the inital "ID logo hitting metal" intro movie, which leads me to believe that it's not playing at all. If I move my mouse around enough while the screen is black I can hear sounds as if I'm gliding over the menu options. Cmd-Q quits, and restores video. I tried removing the voodoo2 drivers but I still get a black screen.
Is it true that Omni's Q3 only works with Rage128s, as I've heard occasionally?? Has anyone without a Rage128 gotten it to work??

This is annoying, I want to see how much my speed increases & not have to boot into 9 to play Q3.